About Mavigold Charities

Mavigold Charities International has come to make a remarkable difference in the world by creating a unique platform that will enable everyone to live the life of success for which they were created.

We are here to make the poor rich, the rich richer, the uneducated educated, the unskilled skillful, the unemployed employed and to put smiles on the faces of the down-trodden in our society. Our mission is to be more than just another successful charity organization or multi-level marketing organization.

It is our goal and passion to help lift you from the valley of frustration and penury to the mountain top of Joy and Wealth, not just by giving you materials or financial aid, but by exposing you to a world of opportunities that will enable you live a life of abundance and make your dreams a reality.

We are dedicated to providing a life support to the indigents (The under privileged, the homeless, Orphans, the poverty- stricken, the widow and the physically challenged).

Mavigold Charities was put together by a team of experienced Network Marketers who are passionate about creating a way to alleviate the suffering of the masses. The team is led by Alex Osuchukwu popularly known as Alexbillions in the Network Marketing industry in Nigeria.
Mr Osuchukwu is a Professional Chartered Banker of over 20 years experience. He ventured into Network Marketing after leaving the Banking Industry in 2003 and was a top promoter of many companies.

Mavigold Charities International stands out. We have dared to compare our unique services and compensation payment and reward plan against some of the leading Multilevel Companies in the world and found out that there is none that can match with us considering our entry fee.


Reaching out and supporting the indigents (broke, poor, needy, poverty-Stricken, etc.) widow, Orphans, Elderly and physically challenged to live normal Societal life.


To empower the people by establishing a platform through which they can leverage upon to raise the necessary capital to pursue their dreams.